Bluetooth Radio Usb

Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black

Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black
Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black
Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black
Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black
Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black
Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black
Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black
Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black
Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black
Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black

Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black   Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black

Ghettoblaster stereo mp3 player cd usb bluetooth sd music red black. Stereo bluetooth sound system with cd / mp3.

USB port and slot for memory cards included. With 7 different disco lights. Stereo bluetooth stereo with laser player, USB connection, memory card and aux-in! Masterful design - Aeg's new generation of modern ghettoblasters makes its victorious march!

A red stronghold does not only show off with its dull surfaces and modern, curved shapes, but also with its technical features! Skip the edges - the integration of the radio, aux-in and laser drive are the standard repertory of ghettoblasters.

But this mobile hi-fi system sets new standards! With the integration of usb port and slot for memory cards you can pass the data carriers simply. In addition, these data carriers have more memory capacity and you can simply transmit the music. Bluetooth in the home - the benefits of bluetooth are varied a2dp, range ca.

The wireless connection between the sound rack and the ghettoblaster allows you to play music with the help of internet and radio stations over the internet. ^ you can connect this device with almost any device with bluetooth - laptops, computers etc. Show & shine - the 7-color integrated disco light will really be a late end of this ghettoblaster! It does not only make the appearance beautiful, but you can also adjust this light as you want. The lighting installation is possible to the device but also with the remote control.

Harmonic sound - we have not spared this ghettoblaster. The two speakers stand out with their passive bass effect and they make the sound well with its housings. The integrated amplifier takes care of the power of these speakers. In addition, you have the choice between different sound scenarios.

In addition, the helmets are content of the delivery! Stereo bluetooth sound system with cd / mp3 usb port and slot for included memory cards aux-in headphone output (3.5mm) with 7 different disco lights individually adjustable lighting adjustment also with remote control 2x speakers with bass effect passive remote control included lcd screen compartment for batteries. Ideal for wireless connection via bluetooth a2dp, range ca.

15 meters with laptops, computers and all other devices with bluetooth function for the transmission of audio and internet plugs - connection with cable via aux-in also possible. CD player, cd-r, cd-rw, mp3 reproduction cd titles, mp3 programmable automatic search for titles repeating function (1 / all) play, pause, stop. Stereo Tuner (Stereo, Shortwave) Telescopic Antenna Digital Frequency Display Memory Radio Stations. Equalizer preset with the different scenario of stereo sound 2x speakers with passive bass effect 2x 50watts + passive bass. 100-240v, 50 / 60hz, 48watts battery power: 8x 1.5v, type d (the batteries are not delivery content).

Audio input for connection to computers, laptops, mp3 players, laser scanners, tape recorders, etc. Through the headphone output of these devices laptops etc. Bluetooth stereo sound system with cd, usb, sd and aux! Masterful design - the new generation of modern boombox from the house of aeg marches at last! The red bastion does not matter by its surface and the modern curved shape, but much more by its technical achievements!

Flout limits - the integration of radio, aux-in and a toploader for cds belongs nowadays to the standard directory of ghettoblaster. However, these mobile plant sets the bar to a whole new level!

The integration of usb ports and sd slots can now be compared to a conventional cd, but they can not be used in the future. Bluetooth in focus - the advantages of Bluetooth (a2dp, range 15 m) are complex. A wireless connection between recording and playback device and the boombox is possible through bluetooth, on the other hand is the possibility, in the face of mobile internet and internet radio services, to be able to play the existing and growing in variety of music in combination with this connection always loudly. This device can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device, smartphone, tablet, gold pc. Show & shine - the integrated 7 color disco light sets an icing on the cake on this unique ghetto! This is not only great, but can be individually adjusted. Harmonic sound image - tontechnisch was not saved with this boombox.

The two speakers settle down with the sound of a voice. The integrated amplifier powers the speaker and foremost with enough power. Can also be selected by the preset equalizer between various sound scenarios. Bluetooth stereo sound system with cd / mp3 includes usb port and card slot aux-in. Headphone jack (3.5 mm) including 7 color disco light individually adjustable lighting control via remote control possible 2 x speaker with passive bass effect, including remote control, lcd-display, battery compartment.

Ideal for wireless connection via bluetooth (a2dp, range 15 m) with such as smartphone, tablet pc, or any other. Device supporting bluetooth to transfer music files and internet radio content - "connection also wired". Toploading cd player cd, cd-r, cd-rw, mp3 playback cd / mp3 track programmable track search / jump repeat (1 / all) play, pause, stop. Pll-stereo tuner (fm / fm stereo) telescopic antenna digital frequency display station memory.

Preset equalizer with various stereo sound scenarios 2 x speaker with passive bass effect 2 x 50 watt + passive bass. 100-240v, 50/60 hz, 48w, battery operation: 8 x 1.5v, type d (batteries not included). Audio input for pc connection, notebook, smartphone, mp3 player, cd player, cassette player etc. Via the headphone output of the smartphone devices etc.

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Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black   Stereo Ghettoblaster Mp3 CD Player Usb Bluetooth Sd Music Red Black