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Radio DVD Audi A4 S4 Seat Exeo Android 7.1 Bluetooth, Gps, Hd, Mp4, Usb

Radio DVD Audi A4 S4 Seat Exeo Android 7.1 Bluetooth, Gps, Hd, Mp4, Usb

Radio DVD Audi A4 S4 Seat Exeo Android 7.1 Bluetooth, Gps, Hd, Mp4, Usb   Radio DVD Audi A4 S4 Seat Exeo Android 7.1 Bluetooth, Gps, Hd, Mp4, Usb

Radio dvd audi a4 s4 seat exeo android 7.1 bluetooth, gps, hd mp4, usb. This product has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. View all items available audi best suited to your vehicle by clicking on this embraces.

Beware if the image is blurry view. Try other browser job perfectly. The article implies buys The acceptance of the conditions of the announcement, The article offers, delivery and warranty. Audi A4 - seat exeo. Warning read before all denchérir. If in doubt ask the seller before denchérir. Tested quality at the best price! All my votes counted as positive and customer satisfaction. Animate denchérir arrepentiras without you. This device must conform to the following car model. Note: This device has front 236mm size (higher bandwidth) 128mm (height) 226mm (lower bandwidth), please check your. Note: This device has a front size 236 mm (higher bandwidth) 128 mm (height) 226 mm (lower bandwidth), check your. Size of the instrument before the offer to avoid the mistake! Google android 7.1 operation system, beautiful and fashionable design the keyboard wedge single user Groundhog. 7 \PX3 rockchip - octa-core industrial grade chips, 1608 mhz cpu cortex A53, the benchmark score does not exceed 40000. 2 GB of RAM, 26.64 gb internal memory, extended support media card / gps map / 2 up 'on April 32 gb usb stick. DIY Screen main menu: you can drag the search bar, music / radio / bt-stereo player, applications or other markers. In the main menu to display. Clock and integrated calendar, clock / date / week / time zone adjustable, you can use the GPS or the time provided by the network.

Multiple languages: it has more than 70 languages ​​to choose, just check our photos. The color of the red button just equal to your original car stereo and electronics. Background screensaver 4 screws, 21 decran funds, support DIY wallpaper gallery of images of the user. Integrated wireless modem, compatible with 802.

11b / g / n standard wlan, high performance, low consumption of energy. Supports the Internet 3 g, supports USB Dongle extral: WCDMA, EVDO, TD-SCDMA.

Google maps online navigation aid, can use the GPS navigation, if you are on the Internet. Support android maps navigation, you can use the offline navigation charts. Support for Android media player can play music / movie / photo local disk or usb / sd. Online entertainment, online support video, TV, movies, music, radio, youtube, yahoo, msn. Online communication, keep in touch via WeChat, twitter, facebook, gtalk, gmail and other services.

Support to read and modify the official software, word / excel / powerpoint / pdf / txt. Support google play store, you can download thousands Dapps from here and you can download many popular games.

As ninja fruit flow candy, angry birds, Fieldrunner, 3d forging speed .. 3d games, video hd 1080p support, h. 264, live pictures divx formats. Supports HD video up to 1920 1080 pixels picture up to 4096 4096 pixels.

Handsfree - bluetooth support, built-in microphone and external microphone jack. Support Bluetooth A2DP, can play stereo music through Bluetooth from your mobile phone. Download dannuaire telephone function, can download contact information for your phone to this unit.

Support research new phone book, you can search and find a member of the contact in the downloaded folder. Just enter the first letter of the name, you will find some associated names, then you can choose the right. Support the couple Pro (OBD2 & Car), you can connect a Bluetooth es350 OBD2 scan tool to use this feature. Support for the new mirror link with the iPhone via WiFi and Android smartphone via USB or WiFi. Port USB and Micro SD slot, USB key and support up to 32 GB memory card.

Built-in car dvr, simply connect a USB camera to use the denregistrement function of the car. Automatically nand flash memory card / GPS / sd card / usb storage device and you can play the recorded file in this unit directly.

Dautodiagnostic- + system built-in, a connecting box DAB / DAB + with USB port to use this feature. Enter the digital TV support touch control and power supply. Camera rear entrance by discovering aids and reverse trigger control. Electronic anti-shock last memory position. Power supply: 12V DC (tolerance range 10.8 -14.5 v).

Before the panel size: 236mm (higher bandwidth) 128mm (h) 226mm (lower bandwidth). The packaging dimensions: 340 mm 270 mm 190 mm. Operating system: google android 7.1. Internal sd card: 26.64 gb. Sd card extended: TF card support up to 32GB.

Screen or capacitive resistance: capacitive. Clock and calendar yes, to show the real time and can use lheure provided by the network.

Displaying the main menu diy: yes, you can drag the music / radio / stereo player bt search bar or icon to the main menu of application. Wi: Wi integrated modem carrier 802. 11b / g / n. 3 g: universal unit, not included 3 g modem USB dongle external support 3 g: WCDMA, EVDO, TD-SCDMA. Browser: Opera, ucweb, SkyFile, dolphin browser and more for your selection.

Online entertainment: online video, TV, movies, music, radio, video chat. Online browsing: Google maps navigation online. Online Games: yes, play online or can be downloaded from the tent google play.

Online Communication: stay connected through WeChat, twitter, facebook, gtalk, gmail .. read and edit office software: yes, support word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, txt. Format: MP3, WMA, MP2, OGG, AAC, ma4, flac, ape, wav, etc.

Could play through the song list. Others: LRC synchronized display; ID3 search; file search; the album cover image; audio effect defined by the user.

Ic audio: top global cirrus ic audio decoding independent. Snr: noise reasons: = 90db. 264, DIVX, XVID, supports rm, rmvb, MKV h.

= 30 formats, Internet video playback directly (during discharge). Playback: Up 1920 1080 pixels, 30 mb.

Fluid without light spot game Video Output: Video output (av). Operating system: Android 7.1. Supports cards: IGO, Sygic maps android 7.1. Support 2D / 3D view: yes. Dual Zone: Yes, while browsing music.

Navi - Online: yes to supporting online google maps navigation. Compatible Format: MP4, AVI, DivX, DVD, VCD, MP3, CD, WMA, JPEG. Affi chages / Audio / Subtitle: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian ..

auto-save function: yes, ideally see all kinds of discs continuously. A2DP (Bluetooth Stereo Music): Yes, you can play stereo music via bluetooth. Bluetooth music control: yes, play / pause / previous / next. Pb-download: yes, you can download the phone's calendar to this device. Pb-search: yes, you can use the first letter to find a member Contact pb-registrations. Call records yes, consisting Appeals, received calls, missed calls. Settings: auto answer, auto connection, the device name. Built-in microphone: yes, on the front panel. External microphone jack: Yes, in the back.

FM tuning range: 87.5 to 108 MHz. Increased fm: 0.05 mhz (eu) / 0.1 MHz (us). Fm - zone: Europe / USA1 / USA2 / Japan / Russia.

Position: 2 USB at the back, you can connect with average / 3g / camera / dab + box / smartphone. Read MP5 video: yes, can play RMVB video up to 1080p. Touch the title of music to play directly: yes. Position: on the front, the location for optional GPS or multimedia cards.

Capacity: micro sd card / TF 32GB. Car Recorder built-in app yes, just plug a USB camera to use this feature.

CCD Camera HD Support: Yes. Start the recorded video directly: yes.

Storage Position: nand flash memory / gps map / sd card / usb storage can be changed. Application of integrated dab reader: Yes, just plug a dab + box to use this feature. Power cable to dab + box directly: yes. Press control + dab in the housing yes. Integrated digital tuner TV: no.

External port to the TV Box:, carrier box DVB-T / ATSC / ISDB. Power to the TV-box directly: yes, you can connect to our TV-box for this function.

TV box touch control unit: yes, you can connect to our TV-box for this function. Manual: may change the source, font color, background color-darrière, marker, reading e-book while listening to music. Photo viewer: compatible with jps, bmp, png, gif, etc. Play per turn, support PowerPoint 4096 4096 pixels.

Apk - installer: The installer package support android. Support the couple Pro (OBD2 car): yes, you can connect a Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool to use this feature. Mesh support mirror function: yes, screen mirror the iPhone and Android smartphone support. Wifi / Hotspot / bluetooth yes.

Display: brightness level, night display and adjustable size. Screensavers Wallpapers: wallpapers, wallpapers, gallery. Sound and opinion: Tone key, volume of application notifications. USB Storage: Internal storage visualization and storage devices.

Memory: shows the total memory and used memory, choose the time of memory. Applications: Applications view current runtime / power off / uninstall. Languages ​​and revenue over 70 languages ​​and choose the input method. Date and time: Setting the date and time for yourself or choose lheure and time zone provided by GPS / networt.

Navigation: Yes, monitoring of application options, navigation, ratio, GPS monitor, its mode of. Road safety: watch the video, the shot x-espejo / volume, rear view rule. Other settings: select plays music automatically and DVR. Amplifier: rock / pop / jazz / classical / flat / voice / custom. Settings: 126 code, select radio band and 88 open-unit logos. The device subject: display the parameter information. Video Input - to: a. Audio Input - the r / l. Audio Output: en / fl / rr / apply.

Surround stereo out: 4 50w. 1 power cable with special connector. 1 power cable with iso connector. 1 special box decoder CANbus.

Antenna 1 of the radio adapter cable. Possibility Unit-rear-picture adding 30 euros. If it is a defective product, you wash changed within 7 days of receiving the order of the day gratuitamente to make the change, the buyer always send to the factory and once received would send another.

After these 7 days, enter the 1 year warranty which is mentioned below. It is recommended that installation is done by a professional - the warranty is void if ventilation of the appliance was caused by improper installation or operation of the device. Items are shipped fully tested.

During the trial period, and only in this period may be back, but VAT, plus Shipping back to factory costs are borne by the buyer in addition to the reintegration of the amount of material is they deducted 18 whose mailing cost buyer. The article will be shipped as soon as payment is received and. It will take to get them. (Before leaving a process of preparation, verification is done packing and dispatch which normally lasts 1 to 2 days depending on the stock). Delivery includes: testing, handling, packing and dispatch.

Please note if you are remote area (uap difficult areas, mountains, distant cities or infrequent service) by the agency of transportation, you need to add 20 to the delivery one day might take. Seller will contact the buyer would be. Once made lessai desde factory. You will not have to pay.

Shipping to the Canary may require payment of customs rates with different dimposition had, would the buyer is responsible for any type of load generado (incluido en un extravio aduanas) Seller hereby excludes all costs generated in this situation. That can not seem or on the peninsula and in the rest of the European Union that do not have to pay anything.

This would send the Canary Islands where the buyer accepts BE responsible for the hypothetical cost. Shipping to the Canary Islands sélève to 38. El pago must be made the first 3 days after the purchase of clause and a maximum of 7 days after the end of lenchère. In the case of any problem, please contact seller.

Account Number (La Caixa) recommended (5 off). It will be provided if they are lenchère winners. Very safe and effective method. Forget payments abroad with its very hefty commissions and insecurities. An offer is a purchasing contract purchasing and payment of your party and the sale and delivery for mine. No pujeis if you are not sure. Look at my track record of 100% positive feedback and satisfied customers, if you doubt know that buying all votes are those who have already bought and satisfaction, this is full. 3778a radio a4 s4 seat. The item \ The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: France, UK, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium.
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  2. manufacturer part number: 3778a radio a4 s4 seat <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Radio DVD Audi A4 S4 Seat Exeo Android 7.1 Bluetooth, Gps, Hd, Mp4, Usb   Radio DVD Audi A4 S4 Seat Exeo Android 7.1 Bluetooth, Gps, Hd, Mp4, Usb