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Fiat Ducato 3,250,251 X290 Mobile Home Gps Radio Dab + Usb Bluetooth Android

Fiat Ducato 3,250,251 X290 Mobile Home Gps Radio Dab + Usb Bluetooth Android

Fiat Ducato 3,250,251 X290 Mobile Home Gps Radio Dab + Usb Bluetooth Android    Fiat Ducato 3,250,251 X290 Mobile Home Gps Radio Dab + Usb Bluetooth Android

Fiat Ducato 3250251 x290 mobile home gps bluetooth radio dab + usb android. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Zenec BB's camp moniceier with special camper navigation software.

With dab + digital radio. The F220 is an x ​​Moniceiver skilled, specially designed for your Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper and Peugeot Boxer. Multimedia and dab + in the original design (including caravans and motorhomes Special navigation maps). Thanks to its specific design, key lighting and custom front panel design blends ZENEC BB's last naviceiver visually perfect with the following vehicles: Fiat Ducato iii (250/251) 2006-> 2011 Fiat Ducato Euro 5 iii (250 / 251) 2011-> 2014 fiat ducato euro 5 iii (x 290) -> from 2014 citroën jumper ii (250 / d 250 / 250l) -> 2006 boxer ii (250/251) -> 2006. XZENT perfect for vehicles with radio preparation have been delivered (which is the case with most vehicles, especially then, whether it is a camper).

If an original factory radio is installed in the vehicle, you need the original fiat accessory for about 80, - Euro. The F220 x can be no additional adapter mount in record time: original radio easy to grow, e> saccumuler go and hunt. The ZENEC x F220 can be comfortably on the capacitive 6.2 \He gives his dab + tuner integrated mobile digital radio receiving the highest quality relaxation. The tuner is next to the reception performance and ease, dab-dab following service and slideshow word. The ZENEC a dab + and FM tuner rds via a CD / DVD drive and two USB ports.

The first USB port is used for connection and DUSB android smartphones. Leasy connected smartphone apps can work in reverse on the screen of the F220 x and use via the touch screen. The second USB port accepts the connection of mobile devices ios dapple and management does for the functionality of the iPod / iPhone. The F220 x has two camera inputs (rca / CVBS) with automatic supply and shunt / switching function. In addition, it has about a touch of cam direct dialing to the front of the machine, manual control of the rear view camera system allows.

The inputs of the cam are flexible in the vehicle on which the cameras used can be adapted: front / rear and rear / rear (local / remote) are equally usable. Offers a hands-free unit for high performance directory bluetooth A2DP streaming, fast synchronization and convenient speed dial how to get in touch with the favorites. With a pack of cards played (47 countries), p lintégré database. Motorhomes and over 6.5 million p.

Prime reliably led the ZENEC each target. The pre-selection of suitable vehicle profile by entering specific vehicle characteristics (length, width, height and weight) allows safe navigation of your camping car- including free map updates for a year. The ZENEC x F220 sharmonise perfectly with the appearance of the dashboard. Besides lajustement of the device color dillumination amber buttons (orange) suitable inside the vehicle. The F220 has a capacitive x 6.2 \The screen has high contrast, bright colors and high brightness.

Perfect connection to the steering wheel. The x F220 directly support the steering wheel remote control functions fiat ducato x 290 models (from the year 2014 model). For all other types of cars, we have special adapter for steering wheel 50, -euro in the program. Displaying the camera (if available or later installation).

The F220 x rca has two inputs (cam1 / cam2) for connection and control of the two cameras (front / back or back / rear) with food and daccrochage / switching function. Key selection by direct camera; you can also while driving quickly see what happens behind the vehicle hanger spin, bike mount shows, etc. With its built-dab + tuner with the word slideshow, text and dl-dab-dab following service provides ZENEC x F220 along the way for clear reception digital radio stations.

Rds fm radio tuner rds fm integrated analogue tuner about a dsp for receiving radio clear, noiseless with daffichage rds text. You can use easy connect your android smartphone connect directly to the x F220 and the content of the screen reflect on the screen. The apps are on the touch control x F220.

The unit bt allows comfortable control. Port HDMI Multi media can be by the entrance HDMI and smartphones connect with HDMI audio output to play and content of the screen. Audio / video player cd / dvd, two rear USB ports made for iPhone, HDMI, input; the F220 x is well prepared for the latest A / V formats. Navigation premium clear route guidance. R ealistische turn clearly arranged menus. More than 6.5 million poi.

Single poi research various methods of route planning. Smart link function to connect usb with all common smartphones (separate adapter cable required for the respective smartphone) all currently popular audio formats such as mp3, divx, avi .... music streaming via Bluetooth A2DP. The adaptation of the perfect sound. Amplifier 4 x 40 watts.

Dab + Infotainer with dvd player. Touchscreen 6.2 \Graphical user interface with support in 10 languages ​​read. Power supply for dab + active antenna (12v). Steering-fb direct connections to 290 x ducatos (2014 facelift).

Button for direct control of cameras cam1 + cam2 cam. Amber lights on the keyboard. 4.2 preamp outputs rca (3v). 2 x rca video inputs for the two camera systems with switchable power shunt and / switching function (CVBS). 2 x outputs for video rca dvd / usb.

1 x rca a / v input NTSC / PAL automatic switching (CVBS). 1 x HDMI input for accessories or compatible mobile devices HDMI. 1 x input ir-in interfaces for connecting an external c / rod.

Phonebook memory resident with instant access synchronized contacts. Speed ​​Dialing access to 6 touch favorites.

Original new shipment - remote control - account in your name with VAT declared. If you have questions about the product have, therefore, send us a message or Debay use the phone number or email address below in. \> \The item \gps \ gps navigation \ gPS integrated.

\The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Features: specific vehicles fiat <\/ li>
  2. dimensions: 2 Din <\/ li>
  3. ean: 7612309404903 <\/ li>
  4. Color: black <\/ li>
  5. Software: sd <\/ li>
  6. Part Number Manufacturer .

    : x + x-F220-F220-sdfeu <\/ li>
  7. brand: XZENT <\/ li>
  8. Screen size: 6.2 zoll <\/ li>
  9. Display Type: colorful choice <\/ li>
  10. Manufacturer: XZENT <\/ li>
  11. monitor type: radio display <\/ li>
  12. manufacturer part number: F220 + f220sdfeu <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Fiat Ducato 3,250,251 X290 Mobile Home Gps Radio Dab + Usb Bluetooth Android    Fiat Ducato 3,250,251 X290 Mobile Home Gps Radio Dab + Usb Bluetooth Android