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DVD Radio Bmw Serie 5 X5 M5 E39 M5 E53 E38 Bluetooth, Gps, Usb, 3g

DVD Radio Bmw Serie 5 X5 M5 E39 M5 E53 E38 Bluetooth, Gps, Usb, 3g

DVD Radio Bmw Serie 5 X5 M5 E39 M5 E53 E38 Bluetooth, Gps, Usb, 3g    DVD Radio Bmw Serie 5 X5 M5 E39 M5 E53 E38 Bluetooth, Gps, Usb, 3g

DVD player bmw serie 5 x5 m5 - e39 e53 e38 bluetooth, gps, usb, 3g. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. View all available bmw items that best suit your vehicle by clicking on this enlace. Be careful if the image is blurry or miniature.

Try with other browser or laptop version may sometimes fail. Valid for: bmw e39 / e53 / m5 / e38. Bmw 5 series e39 from 1996 to 2001 (bmw old 17-pin connector) bmw 5 series e39, 2002 and 2003 (new 40-pin bmw connector) bmw x 5 e53 2000 to 2001 (bmw old 17-pin connector) bmw x 5 e53 2002 to 2007 - e53 (bmw new 40 pin) bmw m5 from 1996 to 2003 (new connector 40 or 17-pin bmw) bmw series 7 e38 1995 2001 (bmw old connector 17-pin). Notify the seller of the year of the vehicle.

If you have the bmw serial browser is necessary to buy a special 6m cable, we can provide 40. Attention read all before bidding. If you have doubts ask the seller before bidding. All my voices counted as positive and customer satisfaction. To animate to bidding without you will stop.

Look at my other elements. Be careful if the image is blurry. Try with other browser work perfectly. If you have the bmw serial browser is required to buy a special cable 5m, we can provide 40. This device must conform to the following car model.

Bmw series 5 e39 from 1996 to 2001 with the old 17-pin connector. Note: This unit has a front panel size 285mm (higher bandwidth) 120mm (h) 285mm (lower bandwidth). 7 inch super big screen, our unique design, most bmw car dvd player just 6.2 'screen size.

Digital screen (800 rgb 480), high sensitive touch screen. The latest 800 mhz mtk3360 CPU, dual core, 256 MB RAM, supports up to 32GB of external memory. 102 boot logos and 10 backgrounds according to your choice, you can update your photos and define it as your wallpaper.

4 x 50w stereo surround, subwoofer, 10-band newer legalizer performance support. Multi menu languages: English / Chinese / Russian / Turkish / French / German / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese /. Hebrew / Arabic / Polish / Thai. Fluorescent button with red light for night use, built-in calculator for travel use and 6 games. A blank screen button, can disable screen but ring at night. Clock and calendar function, clock / date / week / time zone adjustable, you can use gps time. Wifi internet support 3g, wifi or 3g Dongle Dongle can be connected to use this feature. Virtual assistance discs 10, can save max. 10 cd in your usb / sd key to play. Support for gps navigation, free 4 gb sd with maps and dantenne GPS card included. Dual zone function, the rear passengers can watch tv or dvd while the driver can use the gps. Hands-free bluetooth text function, built-in microphone in the front panel and external microphone jack in the back. Bluetooth support a2dp you can play stereo music via bluetooth from your phone. Download function of the phone book, you can download the coordinates of your phone on this device.

Supporting new phonebook search guide, you can search and find a contact in the downloaded directory item. Just enter the first letter of the name, they are some associated names, so you can choose the most appropriate. Usb and sd, support usb stick and sd card, up to 32gb, support 1080p rmvb videos. 3-in-1 usb media port you can connect the usb stick / hard drive (up to 500GB), ipod / iphone4 / 5 devices, 3g / wifi dongle to.

Port of means to use the corresponding function. Another usb port labeled "enabled" is special for iphone / ipod audio decoder.

Support for ipod / iphone4 / 5 / ipad audio input and touch controls, you can buy lipod audio decoder es150 at work. Support dvr car input, power button and control. Support for dvb - t / atsc / isdb / box, power touch and analog tv input control. Dedicated rear view camera support and reverse trigger trigger.

Anti-shock electronics, last memory of position. Power supply: 12v dc (authorized range: 10.8 -14.6). Panel Size - Front: 285mm (Larger Bandwidth) 120mrrt (Top) 285mm (Lower Bandwidth). Size of the packaging: 310 mm 300mrn 200mrn. Type - screen: 7 touch screen 1nch. Built in games: yes, 6 games for your choice. Screen Saver: Yes, you can set the display for 15s / 30s / 60s. Boot logo: 102 lakes to choose from. Change the backlight: yes, you can choose the background of day / night / light and setting. Analogue - digital: digital, vary vivid touch screen.

A beep of settings: on / off. Menu languages: English / Chinese / Russian / Turkish / French / German / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese / Hebrew / Arabic / Polish / Thai.

Bluetooth - settings: auto answer: on / off, auto connect: yes / no. Navigation of settings: auto mixed volume for navi when set ..

configuration - eq: support the last 10 bands eq. Configuration - sound: user / flat / pop / rock / jazz / class. Date and time: hour / day / week / adjustable time zone or time gps.

Configuration - factory: yes, the code is 8888. Inside: 258mb, double care arm9 + arm11.

External memory size: 32g can be expanded. Cards - Support: i-go, sygic, garmin ..

free 4 GB TF card included: yes. Operating languages ​​- gps: engiish / german / french / spanish / portuguase / italian / chinese / dutch / f finnish / greek / romanian .. Support map view 2d / 3d: yes.

DVD lens brand: sanyo 860c. Compatible format: dvd, dvd-r, dvd-rw, hdvd, dvcd, mp3, mp4, cd-r, cd-rw, vcd, divx, wma / jpeg. Audio / subtitles: English / Arabic / French Russian / Italian / Portuguese / German / ... Divx - Title: union / utf8 / ascii.

Yes, ideally display all types or discs continuously. A2dp (stereo music b1uetooth): yes, you can play stereo music via bluetooth.

Pb-download support: yes, you can download the mobile phone calendar to this device. -Bb-search support: Yes, you can search for contact items in the phonebook listings. Built-in microphone: yes, in the frontpanei.

Microphone - external plug: yes, in the back microphone included. Specialportfor car dvr entrance: yes.

Power - supply to connected dvr: if you can connect to our tvn box to achieve this function. Touch control the dvr connected: yes. Yes, you can please contact us to buy together. Special portfor dtv entry box: yes.

Standard digital TV support: dvb-t / atsc / isdb box. Power supply - connected power supply dtv box: yes, you can connect to our tvn box to achieve this function. Tvn box for connected control touch: yes. No, you can please contact us to buy together.

Fm tuning rango: 87.5 - 108mhx. Increment - fm: 0.05 mhz 0.1 mhz (us) (ue). Zone - fm: europe / usa1 / usa2 / japan / russia. Bust in pod audio decoder: no, you can please contact us to buy es150 set. Iphone - video input: no.

Compatible with iphone4 / 5 / ipad / ipod: yes. Charge the connected device: yes. See the reading list on the screen: yes.

Iphone control touch screen: yes. Position: on the back of the device.

Mobile hard drive support: yes, up to 500GB. Mp5 video support: yes, supports 1080p rmvb videos. Music: touching the p1ay title direct1y: yes. Position: on the front panel.

Music title: touch to play directly: yes. Vmcdyes, support virtual changer 10cd. Usb - average: all in one port, device ipod + modem 3g + usb device.

Usb - read in: one, especially for ipod / iphone4 / 5 / ipad audio decoder. To audio: r / l. Input area - dtv: one.

Audio output: r / l. Antenna - auto control: yes. Brake control - hand: yes. Ipod / iphone touch control yes.

Car dvr touch control: yes. Touch Digital TV Zone Control: Yes. Control - light button: yes. Power cord 17pin - bmw: a.

Power cord - bmw 40pin: a. 4 gb micro sd: one. If it is a defect of the product, you have changed it within 7 days of receiving the order of the day free of charge, to proceed with the modification, the buyer always send to the factory and once received would send another. After these 7 days, he would enter the 1 year warranty which is mentioned below. It is recommended that the installation be performed by a professional - the warranty will be void if the ventilation of the appliance has been caused by improper installation or operation of the appliance.

Items are shipped fully tested. The item will be shipped as soon as the payment is received and. It will take to get them.

(before leaving a process is done of). (preparation, shipping verification and handling which normally lasts 1 to 2 days depending on the stock). Delivery includes: testing, handling, packing and shipping. Beware if you are in remote areas (difficult access areas, mountains, remote cities or infrequent service) by transport agency, you must add 20 and delivery a day might take.

Seller will communicate with the buyer would be. You will not have to pay. Shipping to the canaries may involve the payment of customs having different tax rates had, the buyer would be responsible for any kind of charge generado (incluido onu extravio fr aduanas), seller hereby excludes all charges generated in this situation. It does not happen either on the peninsula and in the rest of the European Union that do not have to pay anything.

This would send to the Canary Islands in the event that the buyer agrees to be responsible for the hypothetical cost. Shipping to the Canary Islands runs to 38. El Pago must be made the first 3 days after the purchase of the item and a maximum of 7 days after the end of the bidding. In case of any problem, please contact seller. Account number (la caixa): recommended.

It will be provided if they are the winners of the auction. Very safe and effective method. Forget payments abroad with its heavy commissions and insecurities. An offer to buy is a contract of purchase and payment of your party and the sale and delivery for mine. Not pujeis if you are not sure. Look at my background of 100% positive reviews and satisfied customers, if you doubt buying know that all the votes are those who have already bought and satisfied, it's full.

Radio bmw series 5 x5 m5 e39 e53 e38. The item "dvd bmw serie 5 x5 m5 e39 e53 m5 bluetooth e38, gps, usb, 3g" is on sale since Friday, September 28, 2018. It is in the category "auto, motorcycle parts, accessories \ car radios, hi- fi, video, gps \ embedded multimedia \ dvd players ". The seller is "faemino1973" and is located at / in fabrica. This item can be shipped to the following countries: france, united kingdom, germany, spain, netherlands, belgium.

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DVD Radio Bmw Serie 5 X5 M5 E39 M5 E53 E38 Bluetooth, Gps, Usb, 3g    DVD Radio Bmw Serie 5 X5 M5 E39 M5 E53 E38 Bluetooth, Gps, Usb, 3g